Febreeze Aerosol Recycling Program

We recycle empty Febreeze aerosol cans.



Do you or someone you know use Febreeze products? Keep the empty packaging from ending up in landfills and help foster children all at once! Collect 1 pound of product packaging and ship your waste FREE!



Get creative! Make your own upcycled bin to collect the packaging (sometimes we have contests!). Be sure to re-use a box laying around to ship your packaging in.



1 pound of product must be collected before shipment may be sent for free. To ship your waste e-mail addiescastle@gmail.com, include your name, phone number, e-mail address, and the location you wish to ship from. We will e-mail you a shipping label free of charge!




  • Aerosols must be shipped through the Aerosol Recycling Program

  • Aerosols must be in their own box; do not include other waste streams.

  • Individual aerosol containers cannot exceed 1 liter in volume.

  • Aerosols must be contained by strong outer packaging, such as a double-walled box.

  • Max weight of a single filled box = 15 lbs.

  • Max box volume of a shipping box = 24” x 24” x 18”

  • A “Limited quantity marking” sticker must be included on the exterior of the shipping box along with the shipping label