About Us

Addie's Castle is more than a daycare, it is a daycare dedicated to foster children and their foster families. Finding placement for foster children is becoming harder and harder each day, one major element is the lack of openings at traditional daycare facilities. Each state has their own regulations as to what minimum standards a daycare must have in order for it to be acceptable for foster children. If you have children you know the struggle with openings at daycare facilities across the country. Waiting lists range from one week to months!

Addie's Castles' facilities are guaranteed to have openings for foster children. We aren’t just stopping there. Each facility will have behavior specialists, dietary specialists, counselors, a nurse practitioner, and physical therapist on staff to offer services at no additional costs.

Facilities are open 24 hours! We recognize that not all foster parents work first shift and that finding a certified babysitter for your foster child is just as impossible as finding an opening in a daycare.

Funding for Addie's Castle is derived from the sale of "give back products" as well as donations from people like you! Several companies have teamed up to give 100% of sales of certain products across the world! Check back often for a list of our featured Knights!

Interested in becoming a Knight in Shinning Armor, contact us at addiescastle@gmail.com today!